Priscilla Graham Photography | About

Priscilla T Graham, Georgia native and Gulf War Veteran, credits her success to God, family, and faith.  She received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas Southern University in 1997 and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in December 2014.  After 6 years of service in the United States Army Signal Corps and graduating from Texas Southern University, she embarked upon her current journey of changing lives that can change the world by providing opportunities and educational tools for young people to experience success. Priscilla’s passion for servant leadership was born in 1994 at a juvenile justice conference in Austin, Texas where Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee said, "Too often when people need us the most, we give them our worst."  Servant leadership affords Priscilla the opportunity to give her best to those who need it the most.


Priscilla is a multifaceted passionate, innovative, and charismatic leader with more than 20 years of progressive accomplishments in nonprofit management, donor cultivation, board development, fiscal management, program development, department and facility management driven by meaningful results and outcomes that positively impact the lives of men, women, and children.  


In 2011, she opened and managed the first YMCA in the country to be named after a professional sports team, Houston Texans, and the first certified LEED Gold YMCA in the state of Texas.  However, Priscilla's love is storytelling through the Lens of the camera capturing timeless moments of life.  "Photography soothes my soul and gives me a voice to express my spirit of love for God's Beauty through a single photograph.  I believe that nothing truly captures a moment in time like a photograph..."


Priscilla's preferred genre of photography is documentary because she believes that "History is made and lives through people, not places, buildings, structures, organizations, or things.  These are merely vehicles one uses to make history.  It is through one’s actions that he or she creates his or her legacy and makes places, buildings, structures, organizations, or things touched along the way historical!"